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My project for 2014 is to eat well and healthy. (Pilot project starts with immediate effect).

Ongoing news on animal cruelty, irresponsible farming (land and sea) is bothering me. Particularly a wool video which served as a wake up call.

So yup, I'm going on a Pescetarinian (is that how you spell it? ?) Diet.. I.e. Only seafood and no meat. In terms of seafood, only Those which are responsibly fished will be consumed.

As our disposable income increases, we are faced with so much temptations. Thus, we tend to overconsume. Shame on us all that every of our hands is dirty, polluting the environment with our garbage.

I Just got my new note 3. I am now an owner of 4 functional hand phones. What should I do to them? ? #1st world problems

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Ok so it started With me, busting my ass off so I could have a 7 day tour in urumqi n kashgar.
as I was packing my bags and have said my goodbyes on sat, it dawned to me I had not applied for a visa. china embassy was closed for the entire week due to their great national day. so, i was destined to stay.

anyway I had been feeling sick, sore throats, flu and other symptoms which was getting me down. on my gloomy monday, I went to my long overdue dental check and the doc alarmed me that I need to remove my wisdom tooth straightaway. it would be slightly complicated, higher chance than others in getting permanent damage to the nerve, but I had no choice but to stomach the risk.

"if you dont pull it now, you would be in such pain that you would pull it out later anyway."

so on the very day, I was shivering on the operating chair with my bone shaved, yanked, to Blur, Radiohead n Audioslave.

got 5 days MC, first healing 6 weeks, complete healing 3 months.

with a swollen face, I returned to seremban to rest. 2 days was spent with love, hanging out with aunts n cousins, discussing about wedding maybes. I had porridge/soup delivered to my home everyday. anything later than 130pm, my aunt would ring my sis up, "when u coming to collect the food?"

by 3rd day, hong surprised me by driving down to meet me! that, turned into a funfilled weekend roadtrip adventure.

fri: had kensington ribeye steak at 1am,the moment the boy reached.
sat: port dickson roadtrip to check out possible beach wedding venues! hunted down the no. 1 in tripadvisor but it was closed!
sun: detour to melaka for lunch. best gourmet burger I ever had amidst lush, courtyard gardens, and a golden retriever lazing by my side.

shed tears when discussing about guest lists. never thought it would be so hard.

next week going back to kl to see some wedding gowns n maybe talking to some wedding planners.

the planning has begun. im so excited I jump up in the morning with ideas.

"how many times are we going back?" my bridesmaid asked.

"40 Times. :/" the groom's reply.

I am sure we will enjoy it,every step of the way. just like it has always been, everyday for the past 7.5 years.
* * *
1。bastard,它身上没有条理的花纹,丑得可爱(可怜没人爱)。2。黑猫一家人。3。白猫pretty,每天在我们回家路上会和我们打招呼。三角形的完美脸蛋,终于被它猫搞大肚子了。4。house keeper,总是在停车场上竖着身子。5。hitler,白色的脸,嘴上却有一瞥黑纹,有着威严。6。naughty,每晚在车顶上取暖,车身上都布满了它的踪迹(尤其是下雨天)!
* * *
After a series of successful meetings I'm back home by 6pm. It feels good, that my hard work pays off.
I run, by the sea.
But when the wind houls angrily, I run.
Away from the coming rain. Angry clouds. I never ran so fast so whole heartedly and willingly.
* * *
It has dawned to me that May is coming to an end, and half a year just wheezed by like that.

So many things I want to do, but I have putting them off, telling myself, "later, later." because there is work. Yes, WORK.

Work is a bitch. I'm slave to work, not doing things i want to do. Work should not be an end, but a means so i can do things i want to do, like enjoy my ever diminishing youth.

Looking back what i have achieved in these 1st half of 2013, it is "travelling" and "family reconnection". I should list down below to encourage achievements.
1) Since Jan'13, travelled to Frankfurt, San Francisco, Mumbai, Italy (Rome, Venice, Florence), Batam
1.1) Next up, Taipei (TODAY! YAY!), Shanghai, Tokyo, Philippines, all by June!
1.2) Other travelling plans in next half of the year - climb Mt K.K. this Aug / Oct!!!
2) Spent sister's, mother's, grandmother's birthday with them
3) Spent a month with cousin living with me :):):)
4) Did my part as a Malaysian citizen to VOTE!
5) Reconnecting with music through bose earphones as well as endless music discussions and critics

In Singapore though, I have zero life, just like zero coke. Appears sweet but there is no 'real' joy in drinking it.

This is a wake up call. My next half of year should be central around "reconnection".

RECONNECT with GOD - Start going to church. Why should my attendance be dependent on other's will? It's my relationship with God, not a social activity / date. Goal: Find a church and settle down by end of the year.

RECONNECT with Hongliang - He deserves better, 'nuff said.

RECONNECT with Friends - I have missed too many gatherings. I do not expect people to be following my whereabouts to set a date, since i'm always away / busy. I will initiate meetups, and not wait for another invitation.

RECONNECT with self - Start learning French. Resume jogging / gym. Stop snoozing the damn alarm - instill some discipline to wake up early everyday. That gives me more time to learn French, jogging and gyming right?

ok. off to the airport. ciaoz.
* * *
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It has been a while.. You can say this random self-pondering session is inspired by a movie which I watched last night- cloud atlas.

As a regular movie goer, I want to be entertained. But yesterday, I encountered a profound movie which, I can say, rare in today's market.

How should I begin?
For one, the cloud atlas sextet is chillingly melodious.
There are 6 unique stories interwoven by a central theme.
The repeated use of actors and actresses in multiple bizarre roles is often confusing, but as the key message becomes clearer (maybe from the 2nd hour onwards), you also begin to understand that the technique used to make the film ( including linear narration across stories simultaneously, almost in a parallel universe manner) is to support the bigger message in the film.

When the show ended, the cinema was quiet. Either they were confused, or they were thinking quietly about what they have just seen. Similarly, I was touched by the love, courage and hope presented in the film, but the over-analytical mind was confused, wondering was there something else I did not catch? Some hidden clue I missed?

Overall, I gave it a 4/5, one point higher than last night when I was still trying to piece the pieces together..

What a wonderful weekend spent with my darling :) the "competitive" swimming, water play followed by guilty roti bomb, Magee goreng... Then finishing it off with cloud atlas.
* * *
Living in the other world, where there are swords, war, wildlings, gods, dark magic and witches.

What is honour? Honor and glory, so powerful that they fight and betray each other.

Ahh... the smell of victory with the stench of blood. You can hold your head up high, move big strides while others bow down to you. Some serve and die as servants, protecting their Lords; while others live as Lords, fuck and be merry but lose their heads when power is lost.

The sound of swords fighting each other still rings faintly in my ears, as I work alone in my personal office cubicle.

* * *
If there are the 28 random facts about me, that will definitely be one of it.
I hate the endless possibilities of taking different routes to the same place.
I hate it that you need to determine which direction to take.
I hate to keep look out for the buses arriving but most of the time, they don't stop for you anyway! Whether you flag frantically while trying to run after it in your elegant heels
hate to decide which bus stop to stop. Especially when you can't see the front except to seat at the green seat just behind the driver! (why are the seats side way a?)
I hate it when I get motion sickness.
I hate it when I lose count which nth bus stop already for alighting.
I hate it when I suspect it is my stop but I wait and see (bad mistake!!) and I have to walk very far from the next stop to my location.
of course, there is the crowd.

I have had more than 10 years practise but now as I'm typing, armed with my google map,I.am.still.freaking.lost.
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